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Working hand in hand with highly skilled fabric technicians, our in-house design team to create unique collections of 100-150 new designs per season in jacquards and printed patterns.  Our rich breadth of experience enables us to create fabrics of any hand-feel and finishing.  We also have the experience and know-how to invent new silk and silk-blended fabrics by using special twisted yarn with different fiber combinations.


Success in the industry involves much more than creating fabrics and garment that look good.  Also important is the meticulous attention to detail at every stage.  We are committed to a comprehensive and multi-dimensional process of fabric inspection that verifies all fabric properties.  To help protect the environment and to achieve the goal of the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemical (ZDHC) from the textile supply chain, we have a team of dedicated and highly trained personnel to ensure that all dyestuffs and chemicals meet regulatory requirements and international market standards.

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